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    Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips
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    Japan Unix Soldering Tip
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    Ersa Soldering Tip
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    Quick Soldering Tip

Soldering Tips for the Brands

The Company

LEISTO is an Industrial and Trading integration company, founded in 2007. We produce soldering tips and trade related electronic tools in order to enable one-stop purchase.

The production line of soldering tips was founded in 2010, the international trade began in May 2011. Depending on good quality and low price, we have quickly established friendly business relationship with companies in Germany, Russia, U.A.E., the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

As the company groes, we keep extending the line card to meet more customer requirements. We aim to be the best supplier for manufacturing and packaging industries.

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Our Products

Soldering Tips

soldering tipsLeading manufacturer and supplier of hand soldering tips - equivalent to HAKKO, Weller, Ersa, Quick, Ersa, etc and robot soldering tip -  equivalent to Apollo Seiko, Unix, Tsutsumi and Meiko. Accept custom made orders. All Soldering Tips

Automatic Tape Dispenser

tape-dispenserAutomatic tape dispensers reduces the time needed to cut each piece of tape, therefore reduces labor costs and increases productivity. The machine can used to cut adhesive tapes and non-adhesive tapes, best for packaging and assemblying applications.

Automatic Screw Feeder

screw-dispenserAutomatic screw feeder / dispenser, feeding small screws automatically to improve work efficiency. We are dealing the brands Quicher and Sony.

Spare Parts

accessorySupplying replaced spare parts for soldering station, tape dispensers and screw feeders, go to menu PRODUCTS >> ACCESSORIES & CONSUMABLE ITEMS to check the details.

Technical Documentation

  • Advantages of Replacement Apollo Seiko Solder Tips from Leisto
    Advantages of Replacement Apollo Seiko Solder Tips from Leisto Soldering robot is more and more important for a manufacturing factory which requires soldering; it shortens working hours, improves work efficiency, and can work 7 / 24 hours. While the soldering robot brings huge convinence, the high cost of consumable items make the business owner be anxious. The soldering tip is the most frequently used item. Now we do a calculation; take Apollo Seiko soldering robot for instance The original iron tip cartridge costs $100~$130, usually each tip lasts 1 to 2 days; each robot needs 15~30 tips every month; the cost of iron tips is $1500 to $3900.  …
    Written on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 23:14
  • Soldering Robot Tips Has Launched in 2013
    Soldering Robot Tips Has Launched in 2013 "Leisto" is the main soldering tips manufacturer & supplier in China. In the first half year of 2012, we began to research the technology of soldering robot tips; after one year's efforts and hundreds of cyclic tests, we are proundly to launch the products and promote in the market. We currently supply tips for 4 brands: Apollo Seiko, Tsutsumi, Unix, Meiko Portfolio of the soldering robotic tips:    
    Written on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 16:06
  • How to Replace ZCUT-9 Blade Components
    How to Replace ZCUT-9 Blade Components In official ZCUT-9 tape dispenser instruction manual, you'll be told that the blade cannot be replaced separately, you should replace the whole blade component. According to my experience, you can absolutely replace the upper blade or lower blade as you want. Tool: screwdriver Steps: 1. Turn off the power. 2. Slide the blade components lever to prepare for removing the unit. 2. Pull up the blade components to remove. You will see the blade components: upper blade and lower blade in the blade box 3. Remove the screws with screwdriver to replace the upper blade (marked in red circle), then…
    Written on Thursday, 28 February 2013 20:14

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